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Automatic file transfer

Automatic file transfer

New member | Level 2

Dear Dropbox-Community,


my name is David. I'm new here and I hope that I can learn from you 🙂


Due to a family celebration, I wanted to set up a photo transfer, so that all family members can share pics with each other.

So I made a subscription for the 'professional' version of Dropbox. Then I have set up two folders:

1. A request folder to upload pics

2. A shared folder to download pics


Is there is a possibility to set up an automatic rule, so when someone upload a photo, it will automatically get transferred to the shared folder.

At the moment I always have to copy new uploads into the shared folder manually. 


Hope you guys can help me.


BR,  David  

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Super User II

Hi @David130 


There isnt an automated way with Dropbox, no, but maybe look at IFTTT or similar to see if you can find a script that would do it?


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Legendary | Level 20

Hi @David130,

Hm.. 🤔 Why you need 2 folder at all? You can set file request and shared link to a single (the same) folder. 😉 Isn't easier?

Hope this helps.

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