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Delete file permanently

Delete file permanently

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We are trying to delete files permanently which are present in team folder using java sdk. When we try to hit api with as member we are getting exception of no_write_permission but file is also getting deleted on dropbox. Can you guys please help us, why this is happening? Code for deletion is as follows.


try {

DbxRequestConfig config = DbxRequestConfig.newBuilder("clientIdentifier").withAutoRetryEnabled(3).build();
DbxCredential credential = new DbxCredential("accessToken");
DbxTeamClientV2 clientV2 = new DbxTeamClientV2(config, credential);
clientV2.asMember("userId").withPathRoot(pathRoot).files().permanentlyDelete("fileId");"deleted file permanently with fileId {}", "fileId");
} catch (Exception e) {
throw e;


Any help would be much appreciated. 


Thanks in advance


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Dropbox Staff

I can't seem to reproduce this unexpected behavior, so we'll need to look into this more specifically for you. Please open an API ticket for this and include:

  • the client ID
  • the member ID
  • the file ID
  • the timestamp of the call

Please don't include your access token though. Thanks!

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