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Do you have an idea for Dropbox Paper? Share it with us here!



10 tips for submitting your Dropbox Paper ideas

Community Manager
You’ve got an idea for Dropbox Paper? Amazing - we’re excited to hear it!


To ensure it gets to the right place, gets enough votes (and the attention of our Paper team) we’ve put together a few tips on how to share your idea with us.
  1. Read this post (you’re off to a good start)! grinning face with smiling eyes 
  1. Next, search to see if someone else has already suggested your idea - your vote is powerful!
  1. So, your idea is unique - amazing! It’s time to share it with us.
  1. Name your post something clear - something that you might search for. 
  • Help your potential voters find your idea!
  1. Separate each idea into a new post. 
  • It makes it easier for us to know which of your ideas everyone is voting for!
  1. Give us as much insight as possible into how this feature or suggestion would help you use Dropbox better.
  1. If you’re using a workaround in the meantime - we want to hear about that! 
  1. Dropbox Paper Ideas adhere to our Community Guidelines so take some time to read those too.
  1. Now, watch the votes roll in. As soon as we have an update, we’ll update your status. This is a breakdown of what each status means: 
What it means
New idea
All newly submitted ideas will have the ‘New’ status until our moderation team has reviewed them.
Needs more votes
These ideas need more votes to go into the Dropbox Paper team’s review. 
In review
These ideas are being reviewed by the Dropbox Paper team. We’ll update you when we hear more!
Not for right now
We aren’t planning on these ideas right now, but we regularly re-review and will update if that changes!
Thanks for making your voice heard - the team is working on this idea! 
These ideas have been delivered!
  1. Once you’ve posted your idea, have a look around and see what Dropbox users like you are suggesting. Get inspired and maybe give them your vote too! 
Now you’re ready - let’s hear what you’ve got
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10 tips for submitting your Dropbox Paper ideas
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