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Android API get account email

carminelaf New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I am not able to get the user account email after the authentication:


I have this code (in Kotlin) on my onResume

val accessToken = mDBApi!!.session.oAuth2AccessToken
val client = DbxClientV2(DbxRequestConfig.newBuilder("dropbox/MyAppName").build(), accessToken)
val email = client.users()

but the getCurrentAccount() throws me 'android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException'.

How can I solve this to get the user account email?

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Re: Android API get account email

You're getting a NetworkOnMainThreadException, which means you're trying to make a network call on the main thread, which isn't allowed on Android. (The Dropbox API methods each make a network call to the Dropbox API servers.) You should make this call on a background thread instead. This isn't specific to Dropbox, so there are several answers about how to do this on StackOverflow, e.g.:

There's also an example of doing this in the Android sample app included with the Dropbox API v2 Java SDK:

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