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Allow a personal account to have more than 3 TB

Allow a personal account to have more than 3 TB

Lisa Douglas
Helpful | Level 5



I'm a graphic designer with over 15 years of workload. This obviously equates to extreme files sizes. I was disappointed to learn Dropbox don't offer a package for single users over 3TB. I work solely and require more cloud space and don't want to have to upgrade to a 'per user' plan as this isn't cost effective. This option has to become available soon.



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New member | Level 2

Yeah, this would be great. The family account with 5TB increments would be perfect. 2TB is absolutely paltry.

New member | Level 2

Why can't we keep adding additional 1TB of storage?  I can't believe you can only add it one time. That's a bit ridiculous! I've already added the additional, taking me up to 4TB, why can't I just pay for another 1TB of storage?  You're limiting yourself on that one.  Forcing me to look elsewhere for business I would rather keep with you guys.

Ben S.31
Helpful | Level 6

Agreed. If you work in design, video or motion graphics, you can easily fill 5TB. Yes, I regularly archive but 3TB with an option for an extra 1TB just doesn't cut it in 2023.


And to get an extra 1TB, I have to jump from $17 NZD per month to $45 NZD and pay for 3 team members that don't actually exist! Ridiculous from every angle - no?

Also, here's a multi-page post (now locked) asking for this years ago...

Explorer | Level 4
On an invdividaul account, with graphics getting bigger, machines storage getting bigger and more content being added, more often you need extra space for back ups. On an individual account all you can do with 3TB + a 1TB add on is 4TB max. No backups as file syncing won’t work, pausing the account. Who needs 5TB?! Who needs +1 OR +2TB ADDINS?!
Explorer | Level 4

I need 5TB as a solo. No option available! I’m going to have to go to SugarSync. 

eriq c.
Helpful | Level 7

I have been a Dropbox user from the beginning and have been waiting for a 3TB+ option for freelancers! This would be great! I love the idea of adding on blocks of 1-2TB to your current subscription similar to how Apple sells iCloud TB.


I am adding my vote to this great suggestion thread! Please Dropbox Gurus! 🧠

Explorer | Level 3

same here, 3d generalist stucked with 3tb. The price jump for more storage is ridiculous, especially since I would have to pay for 3 team members, when I am a solo freelancer. 

It would be great to have the ability to increase the storage within the same plan at a reasonable price.

By the way, I read that some of you managed to add one more TB of space on top of the usual 3TB... how do you do that? 

Experienced | Level 13

I woke up this morning and thought I read in my Inbox from Dropbox:


"We listened to you guys and made it possible to extend your individual Professional plan from 3TB to increments of 6TB, 9TB, and 12TB (note: would be a great starting point, not asking for more at this point, even though Pro plan could easily reach 30TB like Google Drive has been offering it since 2021).


Problem is, this was only a dream!


Back to my **bleep**ty reality of having a ridiculously low 3TB (+1TB max) DB storage on my Pro plan with no extension possible. Which as music producer, graphic designer, hi-res video editor, motion designer and web developer is absolutely ridiculous in 2023 for 'Pro' use.


I have no intention of moving to Business which I already tried in the past and is a totally different product, process and folder (and useless 3-user plan).


I will no longer send you more money until you fix this out-of-date Plan and until you FINALLY offer your Pro customers incremental storage extension options.


My annual Pro plan is also coming to an end this month, and I will not renew it in sign of protest. After your FINALLY fixed this, you can take all my money, for sure.


I'm ready to pay 100-150 bucks a month on maxed out DB storage.


Because my personal and pro life (and my customers life too) depends on it, price is irrelevant to me. Just get it done Dropbox.


And because I own a 8TB SSD Silicon Macbook Pro, I see no point of Dropbox not offering at least 8TB in 2023!! The next generation of Macbook will at some point offer 16TB of SSD... Will you still stay out of the game Dropbox?


Isn't Dropbox HQ located near that of Apple and most tech companies that matter, and yet you simply ignore the fact that 99% of us in the creative business have heavy storage needs and expensive computers already?


Thanks in advance Team Dropbox

Explorer | Level 4

I TOTALLY agree and only run a 4TB STUDIO & 4TB MacBook Pro. 

Explorer | Level 4

And why won’t this page let me vote for this idea? One vote from me!


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