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Add or change Dropbox admin roles - Dropbox Community

Add or change Dropbox admin roles - Dropbox Community

Community Manager

Add or change Dropbox admin roles

If you’re thinking about vacations and taking trips, it’s easy to start planning them in your head. Well, as an admin you can make sure that all of your admin duties are in capable hands so you can switch off entirely.  Simply add or change an admin on the Dropbox account for when you’re away. You won’t have to worry about getting emails while you’re camping or getting requests while you explore a new city. And you don’t have to rely on just one secondary admin, you can add multiple admin roles.
If you are the only admin (we recommend having two on an account, if possible) then now is the perfect time to hand the reigns over, even if it’s just while you’re off. Adding Dropbox admins with tailored permissions gives you flexibility over the account.

How to add or change an admin on Dropbox

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console.
  2. When you’re in the Admin Console,  click the Members option.
  3. From there, you can select a member. 
  4. Click the gear icon for the member you want to make an admin. 
  5. Then you can tailor their admin permissions and you’re ready to go! 
Managing Dropbox admin roles really is that straightforward. So, if you’re off on vacation or spending time away from work, consider adding a secondary admin to help support while you’re off. Don’t forget to also ensure your team is set up on the right tools and integrations for better project management, creative work, or teaching and education while you’re absent to continue the smooth running of the team.

How to remove an admin

Now, if you want to remove them as an admin when you’re back and your ‘out of office’ is turned back off, don’t worry, that’s easy too. 
  1. Again, click Members, and then locate the member whose account you'd like to edit. 
  2. Click the gear icon beside the member's name, and select Remove admin permissions. 
  3. Don’t forget that there must always be at least one team admin. 
Add Dropbox admin roles or change an admin as and when you need to. Not only does a different admin help you to manage folders, files, projects, and the team, it also helps team members feel supported while you’re away. A secondary admin may also have access to useful team activity insights and essential security alerts, meaning they’ll know when something important needs their attention.
Now, it may be good to add the other admin a week before you pack your suitcase, just to ensure they’re up to speed and you can really take your mind off things when you’re away. Then, kick back and relax! 
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