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Want to know all about tools for creatives that work seamlessly with Dropbox, like Adobe? Well, check it out right here!

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Apps and integrations: Adobe and tools for creatives

Apps and integrations: Adobe and tools for creatives

Community Manager
If you work in the creative field in any capacity, you know that file management and sharing is the least creative part of the process, but it is one of the most important. Whether it’s naming conventions, making sure you send the most up to date file, or even avoiding file size roadblocks, you need to know that the tools you use will help you get the right files to the right people. Well, good news is that Dropbox and Adobe have your back. 
Clicking through countless apps to find a single file isn’t fun. But Dropbox can save Google Docs next to PSDs, photos, and videos. Finally, all a project’s files can live together in a single folder. Best of all? Every edit, update, and added file gets synced, automatically. It helps distributed teams cut down on versioning issues and miscommunication.
With Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud Integrations, which you can see here, you can do a lot of really helpful things to make sharing and editing files simple. 
Adobe Photoshop and Dropbox Transfer on Creative CloudAdobe Photoshop and Dropbox Transfer on Creative Cloud


Adobe and Dropbox integrations for creatives


Here are a few of the most helpful features you might want to try out:
  • Easily and securely deliver final files to clients and vendors right from Photoshop—even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Send up to 100GB of files in each transfer, depending on your Dropbox plan. 
  • Set link expirations to encourage downloads and control access with password protection. Confirm and track delivery with download notifications, to avoid confusion about who has which files. 
  • Customize the logo and background shown on your transfer download pages to provide your clients with a branded experience. It never hurts to remind them that you know how to make something look amazing. 
  • Preview without downloading. Whether it’s a PDF, Photoshop file, Illustrator file, or XD files. Don’t waste time downloading the wrong thing ever again.
  • Send low resolution file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG) to others, whether it’s just to get feedback or to prevent unwanted edits to source files. Then, once you’re all on the same page, you can send the final high res versions. 

Does the Dropbox integration work with Adobe Creative Cloud? 


Yes, you can easily and securely deliver final files to clients and vendors right from the Adobe apps you use to create them. Once you install it from the Creative Cloud desktop app, you’ll see a new Dropbox Transfer item in the Plugins menu. You can learn more about that right here 🙂
While we can’t stop clients from asking you to make the logo bigger, or how to make a piece ‘pop’, here are some more tips on how to manage your files, and here is how to get started with Dropbox and Adobe.
What tips and tricks for simplifying workflows do you use, so you can spend more time on the creative side?  
Do you work or study in the creative industry? If so, which area?
If you use Adobe, don't forget to check out our latest integrations update here.
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