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Check out the Dropbox cheat sheet for getting started in 2021 here!

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Dropbox cheat sheet for getting started in 2021

Dropbox cheat sheet for getting started in 2021

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It’s likely that a lot of our new year’s resolutions from last year didn’t make it past March (we get it, us too), so this year let’s plan some resolutions that make our lives easier. 
We’ve put together this cheat sheet on how to get started in 2021 and how Dropbox can help you out while you work from home this year.

Space to think: 


Whether it’s for working with your team or taking the steps to compartmentalize your work from home life, Dropbox Spaces can really help you to organize your files, deadlines, tasks and manage your team efficiently. Find out all about getting started here
Dropbox SpacesDropbox Spaces

Make the most of Dropbox Paper:


In a world of docs and IMs instead of hallway chats, you can find yourself creating doc after doc in a week, so make sure that you are making the most of the features available with Dropbox Paper, especially the to-do feature! 
To do list with Dropbox PaperTo do list with Dropbox Paper


Your work smarter checklist: 
Here’s a to do list we made to help you while working from home in 2021:

  Get up at least 30 minutes before your first call. We’ve all rolled out of bed with 5 minutes to go but the extra sleep is never worth  the stress of connecting on time. 

  Get out of the house (if possible) on your lunch break or right after work. It’s easy to just chill out at home but a little headspace and physical distance from your desk makes it easier to think

  Drink a big glass of water.

  Add your meetings and deadlines to your to-do list first thing each day. 

  Do not check social media before you start work. Or during work. It’s just never worth it. 

  Move for at least 5 minutes every hour. Not to sound like your smart watch, but sitting in the same position for too long is not great for you, but stretching is! 

  Chat to a co-worker about non-work stuff for at least twice a week. You were friends in the office, not just co-workers so keep that up! 

  Drink another big glass of water. 

  Add your passwords to Dropbox Passwords, and keep it up to date. Getting locked out of accounts is so 2020. 

  Listen to different podcasts, either while you work or on your breaks. It’s not exactly the same the chatter of office conversations but variety never hurts. 

  Get your family set up on Dropbox Family so you can have peace of mind about your family’s files, and you already know how it all works. Learn more about it here

  Seriously, even more water. 

These are just a few suggestions of habits, tools and features that can help you get work done at home, and stay sane and happy at the same time. 
Do you listen to podcasts? What has been your best working from home hack? 
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Re: Dropbox cheat sheet for getting started in 2021

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Re: Working from home: Appreciate this extra time with the kids and family; time flies and it won't to long till they move out; enjoy the little things; have meals together; play games; get outside more; treasure the moments together!

Re: Dropbox cheat sheet for getting started in 2021

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I believe that you may understand all of my cautions which are relied in my Google's Searcher as well as this should be evolved on cancelling whichever file I have saved wrongly & under any circumstances the same software can be able to reload whatever

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