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Organizing your research is important to easily review and share it. Learn how Kim uses Dropbox to gather and organize her research right here.

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How we use Dropbox: Veronika

How we use Dropbox: Veronika

Community Manager


How we use Dropbox bannerHow we use Dropbox banner


Everyone works a little differently, and everyone has different projects that they need to organize, manage and complete. We love to hear how people do just that, and this time we have a Strategic Program Manager to share her experience, so without further ado, here is how Veronika uses Dropbox to keep projects on track. 

How Veronika uses Dropbox to give back to the community: 

At Dropbox, we continue to look at how we can empower, support, and give back to the communities around the world. As a result, we offer significant discounts for Dropbox Team accounts subscriptions to eligible groups (Non-profit organisations and Educational Institutions) but on top of that, every full time employee can grant a free Dropbox Team account with a limited amount of licenses (and also Sign licences) to an eligible non-profit organization! Amazing, isn't it! 
I have always been a keen wildlife advocate and admirer of everything that mother nature has created, and so I was always looking for ways in which I could get involved in protecting the natural world for us and for future generations. At the end of 2019 I gladly accepted an offer to join the Board of Directors of Oiled Wildlife Response Network Group (OWRN) in order to help them operationalise their Business plan and also step into a role of the Operations sub-committee group lead at the same time. The OWRN team was not using Dropbox yet so my first step was to donate Dropbox Licenses to the group and let the magic happen.
Immediately we transferred all documents into the secure safe haven of the Dropbox account, granted access to all core members of the group and Dropbox became a core collaboration tool for the day to day operations but also for the Board members and our Committee groups.
We can share files with volunteers and team members regardless of their location. Dropbox ensures any sensitive files are encrypted when moving from anyone's device to the cloud and with the additional help of Sign functionality, it's easy to send new volunteers and OWRN members documents for a review and signature. 
The first thing I do is create a project doc on Paper, and tag the relevant folks in each section. Then I can set to-dos, deadlines and keep track of a whole project in one place.
We can also make files public (such as reports, images, videos, etc.) and private for internal organisations use. Dropbox changed how we operate as a group and thanks to that we have more time and energy to continue doing what we are all so passionate about, continuing improving wildlife response capabilities following a pollution incident in Ireland.
If you want to learn how your organisation can use Dropbox to improve your fundraising process, here is a short video:
We love to hear real stories about how people use Dropbox, so if Veronika’s story has inspired, please tell us about it in the comments below! 
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Re: How we use Dropbox: Veronika

Community Manager

This is really great. Another interesting and unique use for Dropbox, and it's awesome to see a good cause benefiting, too!


I'll be honest, I've never really given too much thought into the impact a Dropbox Team account could make to a charity or non-profit organization. So, this has been a bit of an eye opener for me as it has clearly made a lot of difference for OWRN. It's also got me thinking about ways I could help some causes which are close to me. 


I'm sure there are some Community members out there who have done something similar to Veronika and have some equally inspiring stories to tell.  

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