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Learn more about Dropbox Passwords

Learn more about Dropbox Passwords

Community Manager

Hello, and welcome to the Dropbox Community if this is your first time here 😁



If you’re new here, and you have a question you want to ask, you can do that here, just click ‘Start a discussion’, and Community members and Dropbox staff can help you out.


If you work from home, and you are without a helpful IT genius who can drop by your desk to help you sidestep your forgotten password, you could be tempted to reuse your passwords or make them easier to remember. Don’t do it. And if you are as worried about your personal account passwords, right now is the perfect time to set up Dropbox Passwords.


What is Dropbox Passwords?


Dropbox PasswordsDropbox Passwords


Dropbox Passwords is a password manager that syncs across your devices. It lets you seamlessly sign in to websites and apps by storing your passwords securely. The app remembers your usernames and passwords on all your devices so you don’t have to.

Dropbox Passwords provides enhanced security by allowing you to:
  • Create secure, strong passwords that sync across your devices
  • Lock the Passwords app automatically after inactivity or whenever your device is locked
  • Unlock the Passwords app with Face ID or Touch ID on your iOS devices or fingerprint scanner on your Android devices
You can also protect your entire Dropbox account (including Passwords) with two-factor authentication. Additionally, zero-knowledge encryption means that only you can access your passwords. You can learn more about this here.

What about unique passwords? 


We all know we’re supposed to have unique passwords but, let’s be honest, no one has that kind of creativity and memory, so if you don’t have unique passwords for each and every service. Don’t worry, Dropbox Passwords can create and store unique passwords as you sign up for new online accounts. You can update existing passwords to be unique, and easily update or reset passwords whenever you need to.

Unlimited passwords for everyone


Now Dropbox Basic users can securely store and sync unlimited passwords and payment cards across three devices. Now you can autofill passwords, credit cards, and debit cards from your web browsers and mobile apps with Dropbox Passwords.
You can even share passwords so you can give friends and family secure access, whether or not your streaming service wants you to… You can even add notes to your passwords, so if they ask for a date of birth you have that too. And any updates you make will sync with everyone so they never get locked out of shared accounts. Get started with Passwords now! 
When it comes to password security, you can leave the dark web monitoring to us with always-on monitoring, alerts, and notifications that tell you when to take action on password breaches. Respond quickly with easy-to-understand instructions from Dropbox. Keep your accounts secure with zero-knowledge encryptionensuring only you can access your login info—plus strength ratings and unique suggestions for your passwords.

How do I delete my Dropbox Passwords account?


On the off chance on you don't love Passwords, you can remove all of the account information you have saved to Dropbox Passwords (including usernames, passwords, website URLs, and notes) and be finished with your account. 

Now that you're a Dropbox Passwords expert, if you want to get into more of the Dropbox Community, do you want to? 


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New member | Level 2

I need a way to stop this lousy app.  It does not work for business passwords, and has wasted MUCH of my time since installation.

HOW CAN I TURN THIS APPLICATION OFF?????????????????????????????????????????????


i HATE IT.  Please advise.  Otherwise I am simply DONE with Dropbox altogether.

Dropbox Staff
Hey @rtaylor3, sorry to hear you're having issues with this.

Could you please clarify if you're referring to the browser extension for Dropbox Passwords or the mobile app?

Also, can you share some additional information about the issue you're facing with storing your business passwords?

Let me know and we'll take it from there.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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