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Update: Find information on Dropbox support during COVID-19 here

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Using your mobile device to stay in the loop while working from home

Community Manager
Community Manager
When you’re in the office, you may be used to working exclusively on a laptop or desktop computer. Now that you’re working from home you may want to change your habits, and make more use of your mobile devices. 


Learn how to make the most of your mobile access to Dropbox. 
Access your Dropbox files and folders anywhere by downloading the Dropbox app to your phone or tablet, it’s available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows mobile.
Once you download the app and sign in you can;
  • Find all your Dropbox files and folders are right there and ready to use so you can check in easily, without booting up the computer
  • Take photos and videos using your built-in camera and save them directly to your Dropbox, which is helpful if you’ve found yourself scribbling on physical paper lately
  • Make important files available for offline access— Dropbox will automatically upload any changes once you’re back online
  • Share your files with coworkers via links in an email, text messaging, or another app, so everyone is in the loop, even if they’re not at their desk right now. 
If you already have Dropbox on your phone for personal files, but you want to connect your Dropbox Business account to keep in touch with the team, don’t worry, they can both be logged in and kept separate, so you don’t upload secret family recipes to your team work space. Here are the instructions on how to connect your personal and work Dropbox accounts for simple but separate access.
If you don’t want to download an app, you can also access your Dropbox files and folders from a mobile browser. Visit on your mobile device and we'll automatically redirect you to the mobile-optimized website.
Have you been working differently when you’re not in the office?

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Have you been keeping up good habits while working from home?
We've created a working from home cheat sheet to help keep up on those habits, check it out here.
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