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Re: What’s new: Dropbox Capture

What’s new: Dropbox Capture

Community Manager

We’ve all been to a lot of online meetings this year, whether it’s for work, school or just to catch up with friends and family. I think we all know the feeling when a meeting isn’t exactly…. necessary.


Users commenting on a Dropbox Capture videoUsers commenting on a Dropbox Capture video

Well, great news, now you can stay in the loop and share engaging updates without hopping on a call with a new product - Dropbox Capture. Try Dropbox Capture, a new tool to help you to share your thoughts with screenshots, GIFs, or simple videos recorded right on your screen. So you can clearly say what you mean without scheduling another meeting.
If you are interested in trying out this great new tool, you can sign up to test it out and share your feedback. To note, this new feature is currently in beta and for now is available on Windows and macOS in English only. 

So, what can you do with Dropbox Capture? 


Share status updates

Capture 2.png

Instead of scheduling a 30-minute meeting, send out a quick update with visuals for reference, and let everyone watch when they have time.
Provide comments on a design
Skip the phone calls and PDF markups. Use Capture to record your thoughts, for clearer feedback—in less time.
Connect more deeply
Personalize your message and engage with teammates, clients, and customers.
We heard from Amelia, a Dropbox superstar, about how she uses it to make work more efficient and enjoyable - so check out her story here.
Those are just a handful of things you can do, but we’re sure you’ll make the most of Dropbox Capture. Tell us how you use it in the comments below! 
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Re: What’s new: Dropbox Capture


Thank you so much, Amy, for posting this. My name is Youcef, and I'm from the Dropbox team working on Capture. Super excited to have you all try this product. I can't wait to hear your feedback. I will be around in the community answering any of your questions and feedback.

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