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Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

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A number of us have started using dropbox paper at work. We want to save documents that we create in paper to an existing Team folder but I can't see how to do this. Any ideas anyone?

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Hi @grammarpanda, currently, you can directly navigate to all of your Paper docs from your Paper Home
Nonetheless, I’ve moved your comment to this thread in the Share an idea section of the Community so as to keep relevant feedback together. 
I hope this helped to some extent. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Hi @Lusil,

Is Dropbox at all planning on allowing to store Paper files in the existing Dropbox folder structure? Or won't that be allowed because of the integration with Microsoft Office (we love Paper and we don't want to use Microsoft Office)?


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I really have to add my voice to the chorus here. My team was very excited about using DropBox and Paper together but the fact you can't place Paper documents in your DropBox file structure is astounding and I'm amazed that the DropBox team were asking why this might be desired as far back as 2015.

The value could not be more obvious: integration; everything in one place; one single organisation of content.

Box has Box Notes, which are not a scratch on Paper docs, BUT you can store them in Box folders, as you would intuitively expect.

The fact that we cannot do this with DropBox and Paper is an absolute deal breaker and we will now be looking elsewhere for a solution.

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I'm just adding another request here, I can't quite believe that if I want to save a written document in my dropbox folder, I have to use a different type of file!

I just created a Paper doc to share with my client so they can easily find all the resources we've shared, all together in our dropbox folder, then find I can't actually save the Paper doc to the folder. Weird, not to say a pain.

Back to Google docs/Notion.

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They really need to make this easier but the work around is to export the file to save it then upload it in the folders
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It is a bit of a headscratcher that Dropbox rolled out a major update that didn't make any integration changes to Dropbox and Paper. 

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I currently use a complex hierarchy of folders and subfolders (only one level deep, because Evernote) in all my productivity applications and storages. I'd like to settle on a single app and to be honest, I'd like this to be Dropbox. However, the lack of this functionality keeps me from doing so, because I'd have to duplicate the folder structure for my notes, while the idea is that I have notes, other documents, images etc. logically grouped in their folders. Please allow us to store our dropbox paper notes together with our other dropbox stuff.

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Sorry if this has been mentioned before on one of the 16 pages of requests here, but as a workaround until Dropbox makes this possible you can create a URL shortcut file and save it in your desired dropbox folder.

We use Windows and Chrome and the easiest way to do this is with your dropbox paper doc open online in chrome, highlight the complete URL in the Chrome address bar and then drag and drop it into the dropbox folder you want to save it to on your PC using File Explorer.


And to add to what @mil6seven6 mentions, you can also export Paper docs to PDF, .docx (Microsoft Word) or even .md (Markdown) by clicking on the ellipsis button on the upper right corner of your Paper docs and then 'Export'. After you're done with exporting the doc in question, you can copy or move the exported file, be it PDF, .docx or .md inside your Dropbox Folder - now living as a normal file among your other Dropbox files. 

I'd also like you to know that our team is always taking into account your feedback when creating the next versions of our apps and services so you can feel free to add your voice to this feature request by upvoting it (simply by clicking on the like button) or even commenting on this thread to provide us with your use-cases as these always help us understand our users' needs and pain-points. 

Thank you all for your continuous feedback and support!

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Are there plans to allow people to create papers within the document folder structure as opposed to having a separate folder structure for papers? 

We already have a folder structure for information - it seems to me that one of the benefits of paper over a traditional wiki is we can put the papers in our regular document folder structure rather than having some other structure we have to navigate to get information. Unless I'm missing something, we can't currently do that.


UPDATED: Ugh, I see this request has been around since 2015. Guess we'll keep using a wiki or Evernote for sharing free-form notes and adhoc docs. The workarounds suggested around exporting to a PDF make no sense to me. If I want an actual document, I'll use Word (since we're on O365) and then put it into the folder structure. I want to use Paper for more free-form content that is shared and updated frequently and I'd like it to fit in our normal folder structure. Seems like Paper would have worked this way from the start.