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Syncing to Multiple Teams at Once

Syncing to Multiple Teams at Once

Explorer | Level 4
I run a small service business, providing sound design services to a variety of clients.  I hire freelancers, etc.  In addition, I'm a member of several collectives, and a nonprofit organization. Each of these has its own storage needs, and some use Dropbox Teams. 

Today I discovered I was unable to sign in to more than one team at once.  What to do?  There are shared folders and web-only access of course, but it's not the full power of Dropbox that way. 
My use case:
  • I use dropbox between my several machines to manage my business and occasional small projects + deliverables.
  • I also work with some colleagues as a design collective, for which we maintain a "teams" account (using different email address) for long term accessible shared storage, which work great.
  • but now:  a client wants to add me as team-member to their dropbox.  (this would also use a different email address…)
  • plus I’m considering setting up a “teams” account for a nonprofit I’m part of, as we need distributed storage.  (again, different email address.)
I imagine many users have similar needs, particularly those of us with multiple jobs, and changeable / fluid situations. 
Will be very happy to learn of developments here; we'd very much like to use Dropbox Teams more fully and flexibly. 
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Dropbox Staff

Hey @jeremiahmoore, thanks for taking the time to post here.


I understand your need to have access to more than one Dropbox Business account and we really appreciate you taking an interest in these plans.


At the moment, you can only have one Dropbox Business account linked to the Dropbox desktop app.


If you have a second, individual account (Basic, Plus, Professional), you can link it to the Business account and access both from the desktop app.


You can definitely up-vote this relevant idea, though, to show your support.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Collaborator | Level 9

The possibility to work with several teams would be great. For me as a consultant working closely with multiple companies it's a bit of a struggle, and for my customers there is similar problems since they work with subcontractors/external people.


Please follow this up and vote 😁

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