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Two Dropbox accounts under the same email

Two Dropbox accounts under the same email

New member | Level 2

Two Dropbox accounts under the same email

I have an original Dropbox account using the same email as a new computer I just registered.  I purchased 1 TB on a monthly subscription, but it still shows as my old limit which is full.


When does the original reflect the increased storage, or How to combine these two storage locations?

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Super User II

Hi @JimH55 


It is not possible to have 2 Dropbox accounts under 1 email - Dropbox requires a unique email per account. However, if you use Google it may be that you have used or instead for one and so as this is 2 diff emails it would be 2 diff accounts here at Dropbox (same as using punctuation on the email) BUT only one Google account. 


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Explorer | Level 3

Hello Mark 
I could not enter my Dropbox account because my hackers were faster with the code sent to my email. My ip number was not even right on my prescription. 
I am Katarina [removed] in Gothenburg Sweden and my mobile is very hacked. But it works. I do not care anylonger about that but under my e mail adress there are several ip numbers looking into my drop box. 
What you say?


[personal info removed per the Dropbox Community Guidelines]

Dropbox Staff

Hey @Luciferbella777, sorry to hear about this.


Do you still have access to your email address and your Dropbox account?


If so, you can change both your Dropbox email and password from your settings.


This page will allow you to change your email, to one that is not compromised and from here, you can also reset your password.


From what same page, you can also delete any uknown linked devices and web browsers, to make your account safe again.


I hope this helps.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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