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Txt files now open in preview mode instead of the Dropbox Text Editor directly

Txt files now open in preview mode instead of the Dropbox Text Editor directly

Helpful | Level 6

My files are created as plain .txt files. In the past they would open directly with the Dropbox Text Editor as I had selected the Dropbox Text Editor as the default in the phone app.

Now the files only show preview mode! Now must select the EDIT icon to edit them – using the Dropbox Text Editor.

This occurred after my app updated to version 322.2.2. I have one device with version 320.2 – it still works as it should.  

Having Preview Mode open files 1st is a PITA! Might be ok for people that rarely edit the files. But I edit them dozens of a day – major annoyance!

Dropbox preview mode - bug made out to be a “Feature”. Fix it!!

Don’t need or want the bloatware nor the added “Features” that make an app more cumbersome to use.  Not to mention resource hogs. Yes, I've noticed Dropbox taking more resources with every "update" How many apps & software that have tired this before and are now extinct?

I now must find an alternative to Dropbox, then drop my subscription. Wow thanks - not.

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @Roadster1024, thanks for taking the time to post here.


We want to let you know that we really appreciate your feedback about this change.


I will make sure to pass your comments along to our developers.


If you need anything else, please let us know.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Hi, I'm having the same problem. Any update on a fix? Is there a way for me to downgrade by to the older version that was working fine? Thanks

Helpful | Level 6

A web search for Dropbox 320.2.1 apk shows a few sources for this older version. And other versions.

The apkmirror site seems to be a good source. I downloaded but have not checked it out. I'll try it on an unused phone first.

As always there is some risk of hidden malware in the apk file so best beware.

Once you downgrade you will have to prevent Dropbox from updating to the latest version. Not sure you can do this for only one app. I currently have Android set to update all apps automatically. Must check this out also.


I'm not holding my breath on Dropbox changing the preview function. So many programmers think they know better than us serfs that have been using the software longer than that programmer has been employed.


New member | Level 2
I would like to second this request to have an option to turn off the preview mode for text files. I also edit a lot of text files in Dropbox daily, and I don't appreciate the extra step to do so (especially for something for which I pay real money). Hoping this 'feature' can be changed or disabled very soon, or I may have to consider alternatives to Dropbox and take my money elsewhere.
Thanks much,

New member | Level 2

I am another annoyed Dropbox user that HATES the default preview screeen!!  At the moment it's merly an annoyance, but one that will drive me crazy after a while. UN-DO THAT "UPGRADE" I'll go back to *shudder* OneDrive....


Make the preview an OPTION not the MANDATORY default for opening text files PLEASE!!

New member | Level 2

Hi Hannah,

Does Dropbox consider this action to be a feature or a bug? Said another way, are they happy the way it is or are they going to fix it?

Helpful | Level 6

Another really annoying "feature" of the new version are that it uses a different size font in preview mode than it does in edit mode. Even worse than that is that if you scroll down in the file and then decide you want to edit it, going into edit mode will take you back to the top of the file and you have to scroll back to find the place where you wanted to make the changes. This annoyance is compounded by the first one since the line wraps all change when the font size changes making the file look different so it's harder to find where you wanted to be.

I have a hard time believing the people that write the code actually use the editor or it wouldn't be like this. Make the font size different if you're reading or editing? Seriously?

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Hi, Hannah
Any update on this being fixed?

The last update removed the 3 dots next to the files forcing me to do even more steps to open files in txt:
1. Open file
2. Click 3 dots
3. Scroll down & click on "open with"

These are too many steps when I have to edit many txt files daily.
Please give us option to just open the files in txt file by default again.


Community Manager

Hi Everybody,


I looked into this change, and it is expected as part of the intended functionality. This came about as part of our increase in the number of supported file types and how they are previewed in the app.


There are no plans to revert functionality here, but if you would like to request this feature, I recommend that you post on our Share an Idea board. You can find some tips for posting a great idea here.




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