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Re: How to back-up hard drive when I clicked "don't ask again" once

No dialog box when connecting external HD?

Jennifer G.29
Helpful | Level 6

I want to back up my external HD to my Dropbox account.


What should happen: When I connect the external drive, I should get a popup that asks if I want to back up the external drive, I select it, then set it up.


What does happen: Nothing. I don't get a popup when I connect the external drive. In Preferences/Backups, the "Hide all setup notifications when new external drives are plugged-in" is NOT selected and never has been.


The only instructions Support could provide are "You get a pop up window saying back up this external hard drive and you select it and then you click on set up." I don't get the popup, so I can't do this.


I don't see another way to set the external drive to back up. I know this is a relatively new feature, but it isn't working at all for me and I haven't seen any other threads with this problem. How can I find a way to do this? Thanks for your help.

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New member | Level 2

Thank you !


I logged out, quit the app, moved it to the trash and re-installed. The external hard drive was recognized once again by dropbox.


Cheers : )

Dropbox Staff
Amazing news @tibo1234!

Give us a shout if you need anything else. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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