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Shared links returning old content!

Shared links returning old content!

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I've used shared links forever, and I have many. I use Dropbox API to upload files to replace older files. Usually, the link which was structured like this:<token>/path.jpg?rlkey=<token>&dl=1


Usually would offer the newest version of that file immediately. 

Lately, some links offer the latest content, and some offer arbitrary older content. It's not cache, since I am trying to access these files in a multitude of ways. curl, python, servers pulling files. 

When I try to make a new shared link, now it has a new structure:<token>/path.jpg?rlkey=<token>&st=<whatever this is>&dl=1


However after generating a new link, the old link still offers the old arbitrary content. The new link works for a bit, but then offers old content again.

I've tried reading all of the forums, but I can't find anyone with the same issue I have. 

What is the new st value? and why do some of my old links still update when they get a new version and others don't?
Please advise asap! Thank you!

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Dropbox Staff

Hi there @gingee - thanks for the report on this.


Would it be OK if we reached out via email to have a further look internally? 


Feel free to share any additional information you think might help our investigation in the meantime. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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