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Understand Team Folders versus Folders in Personal Folder

Understand Team Folders versus Folders in Personal Folder

New member | Level 2

We recently purchased the Advanced Plan for our business. I've been using Dropbox as a personal user for over 10 years. I'm not quite understanding how the file structure is with the business plan. This is what I need to do:


1. Open the Dropbox folder on my Mac and open a folder that is shared with others. Edit files contained in folder so all people with access to the folder are always working with the most current version of the file.


If I share a folder that I've created with others in our team, can they see that folder when they open Dropbox (on computer not via browser)? In order for this to be possible would the Admin need to create Team folders? The Admin has shared several documents with me, but I can't see them when I open the Dropbox folder on my Mac. The only way I can see them is to login via a web browser and click the "Shared" tab. From there, all I can do is Download or Add Comment. This completely defeats the purpose of having a shared folder where all users have access to the most current document. If someone downloads to edit and then neglects to upload…I can see this turning in to a hot mess.


I hope this makes sense and appreciate your suggestions!

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @acmoeTX, thanks for joining our Community!


Regardless of a folder being a team folder or a simple shared folder, what you see in your account online, should appear in your local Dropbox folder as well.


If you can only download and comment on files in the folder online, is it possible that the admin has given you view-only access to these files?


Is this the page where you're accessing them from? And do you remember how they originally shared the files with you?


Let me know and we'll go from there.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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