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Re: DROPBOX stuck syncing "x" files

DROPBOX stuck syncing "x" files

New member | Level 2

Dropbox 114.4.426 - WIN 10


Earlier today for the first time ever - I have been using DB for years - the app got stuck syncing at roughly 1000 files downloading.  Files posted to folders I share with others would not download and sync.  Uploads were ok.


Conatcted support - ALT+H - tried fixing hard links. tried fixing permissions.  Second support contact had me delete DB app and slear out registry and various %APPDATA% folders of all mentions of DB.


Re-install app.  Indexing over 600,000 files.  Finally gets to the state in screenshot below and is now frozen at DOWNLOADING 13,380 files. 


My whole world is in the cloud and cannot do my job with DB in this condition!  Help, please.


Screenshot 2021-01-26 232314.jpg

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Re: DROPBOX stuck syncing "x" files

Explorer | Level 4

I share the same situation.

I tried to chat with support. Opened two tickets already. They said they need to escalate and no one followed up. Very disappointed by dropbox service. Already dealing with this issue for 4 days.


Few insights - seems the issue is related to using a "future" (beta) version 115.3.529 of dropbox.

At some stage, i wiped dropbox from my machine and reinstalled from the site. I got version 114.4.426. That version worked very well and got all synched. 

Yet ... somehow dropbox updated itself back to version 115.3.529., and ... got stuck again on the next sync.


I tried again to reinstall 114.xx, and same cycle occured.


So - now I'm trying to figure out how to avoid this auto update to a beta version.


Let me know if anyone has any inputs here.




Re: DROPBOX stuck syncing "x" files

Community Manager

Hi @dwlighting and @gmiasnik,


Thank you for reporting this, it is related to a known issue a number of users experienced last week. The team have now resolved this and it should be working again.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else or you're still having trouble!

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