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Please don't block me from generating a link for a file that hasn't finished uploading

Please don't block me from generating a link for a file that hasn't finished uploading

Collaborator | Level 8

A new "feature" has been implemented where if I drop a new file in a DB folder, and then go to click on "Copy Dropbox Link", it simply won't perform the task until the file has finished uploading. 


Apparently this is to "prevent 404 errors". The "error" page that comes up when you clicked on a link before it had finished uploading was actually a "Uh Oh! File hasn't finished uploading yet". This to me isn't an "error" page and shouldn't be treated as such. It's clear and communicates exactly what it needs to and doesn't warrant a restriction in functionality for the rest of the users.


The solution you've silently implemented has caused a monstrous delay in my daily workflow.

I work in a fast paced environment, generating new content every hour and sharing it with dozens of people in my team. The fact that I can simply drop files and right-click and "copy link" and THEN carry on with the rest of my tasks while keeping an eye out for the spinning icon in the tray and THEN send the copied link to my recipients, means that I am FLOWING.

When I have to do that dozens of times per hour, if you block me from generating a link as soon as I drop it in the DB folder, you're forcing me to having to RETURN back to DB a second time in the process. You've added a whole extra step, and it's absolutely killed my flow.

Helpful | Level 6

@terra1983 I swear it worked instantly yesterday, though today I'm experiencing the 15 second delay. 


Yes, Ilana was much more helpful and human than anyone I've encountered at dropbox.


I'm not super-sweating the 15 second delay, it's certainly much better than waiting hours for multi-gig files.

Helpful | Level 7

Fully agree! This feature wasn't hurting anything or anyone, instead it was just useful and helpful!

Explorer | Level 3

Though understanding the idea on principal, its bull**bleep**: 

1. I have to return a second time to complete a task

2. ruins my PHYSICAL workflow: often finish a job, send link, and leave office. Now I have to wait for the upload or completely reorganize my tasks.


DB, stop this asap ! Not acceptable...

Collaborator | Level 8

@byHanko Agreed.

15 seconds is a lifetime when you're under a deadline and exchanging files with collaborators and clients. While you're waiting for those 15 seconds, you COULD jump back into your other software to carry on whatever else you're doing, but often you get distracted and end up forgetting to send the link. So I literally have to sit and wait. I never have to sit and wait for anything else in my workflow. Total killer.

Jennifer Nash
New member | Level 2

Copy Dropbox link' feature is there, but now only copies the link once the file is uploaded to dropbox. 


It's always been handy to have the link available immediately, but now i can't get the link until the upload has been completed.  It's a huge time saver for me - I drag the large file to Dropbox, copy the link, paste it to an email or message, and move on to my next task.  When it's finished uploading I hit send.  Or, I send the link without the upload completed and send the email knowing it won't be read until the upload is completed


It's weird how much this is slowing me down!


Please restore this feature!  


Thank you,

Jennifer (I pay for Dropbox)

New member | Level 2

Sorry it's so hard for you I think you may be doing wrong things though

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