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If you know more about files sizes, you can make more informed decisions about which files you upload and then you can maximize the space in your Dropbox Basic account?

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Dropbox Basic: Learn the Basics

Dropbox Basic: Learn the Basics

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If you are reading this, chances are you are new to Dropbox. Welcome! Many of us begin our Dropbox journey with a Basic Account, which has so many perks, and of course, it is free!  


The basics of your Basic account: Users and Space

The Dropbox Basic account allows for 1 user. This means you are the only person that can use this account. But don’t worry, one user doesn’t just mean one device - you can have 3 different devices connected to your Dropbox account. I connected my dropbox account to my phone, tablet, and laptop. When I was in Ghana, I was able to access all of my files from my phone, and to upload some photos. Want to learn more about connecting your mobile devices? Discover how to make the most of your mobile access to Dropbox


Using your Dropbox Basic account:

So to get started, you can upload almost any file type to your Dropbox account and keep your important files safe! Whether it’s music files, pictures, media, documents, simply upload and you can access your files anytime, anywhere! With a Dropbox Basic plan you have 2GB of space to use. 
And of course, we keep your files safe! Dropbox uses multi-factor authentication to ensure that all of your files are secure. Check out how Dropbox uses encryption to provide security for your filesWhen I received my first multi-factor message I said to myself, “Come on Safety”.


Dropbox Basic tools you might not know about:

The tools within Dropbox are the real secret sauce. Here are some Dropbox features and products you might not know about, check them out below and find out if they can help you to make plans, organize files and save time! 
Dropbox Paper is a collaboration tool with endless possibilities! Charts, headings and formatting is made easy with one click, LITERALLY. This program is great for creating proposals, project plans and just quickly taking notes. The best part of it is that it takes up very little space in your Dropbox account.   Trust me, I make paper docs for all of my todo lists, to plan family trips and to organize any personal projects. Paper has truly become one of my favorite products to use.
HelloSign allows you to send 3 documents for eSignature per month. In the digital world we live in, this is a perfect way to get a signature from someone you may not see in person. Explore HelloSign, a simple and easy way to get documents signed securely online. I recently needed a contractor to sign a document that I drafted to fix my home and the document was signed and sent back to me within minutes. And of course, the signed docs are safe and secure too!
Dropbox Capture is a tool used to Capture the attention of the person you‘re chatting to. With Capture you can share your thoughts with screenshots, GIFs, or simple videos recorded right on your screen. The upside is that you can clearly say what you mean without scheduling another meeting. Learn more about how to use Dropbox Capture
Having a Dropbox Basic account is more than just a space to store your information. Use Dropbox to manage and organize your files, whether it’s for a project, sharing memories or connecting with others. 😁


Will you use these tips to make the most of your Dropbox Basic account? 
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Re: Dropbox Basic: Learn the Basics

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I LOVE these tips @ljackman! I am the biggest Paper fan going but recently I also got some real life, outside of work experience with HelloSign too. I recently got married and managing guest lists, seating plans and all that fun was great with Dropbox Paper tables, and sharing vendor contracts with the band and the caterer was even easier than I thought it would be. These tips are definitely some of the best places to start 🙂 

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