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Workflow automation apps and integrations to make Dropbox work for you

Workflow automation apps and integrations to make Dropbox work for you

Community Manager
We’re big fans of making things easier and more efficient, and what better way to do that than by making the most of automations that work with Dropbox? Take the work out of work and get down to it! 

Here are just a few apps and integrations to get you started:


Dropbox and IFFTT: 


It’s hard to think of automations or time savers without thinking of IFFTT - so connecting it with Dropbox means you can connect to hundreds of your favorite apps and devices.
IFTTT gets all your apps and devices talking to each other, so you can do things like the below with ease: 
  • Save new photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to a Dropbox folder.
  • Save your Instagram photos to Dropbox.
  • Track your Uber receipts in a Dropbox document.
  • Sync Google Docs from a folder to your Dropbox account.



Dropbox and Zapier: 


Want to get work done in a snap? Well how about a Zap? Ok, that was cheesy but really, Zaps are great. Zapier is an automation platform that supports thousands of the most popular apps, like Google Drive, Typeform, and Slack. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect Dropbox with the other apps you use most. You can save email attachments to Dropbox, backup content from your note-taking app, upload new Dropbox files to YouTube as videos and much more—no manual work or coding required.
Some things you can do with Zapier + Dropbox Zapier.png
  • Copy new Dropbox files to Google Drive
  • Save Typeform entries as text files in Dropbox
  • Upload new Dropbox files to Google Drive
  • Save Soundcloud favorites to Dropbox
Get started now and you’ll be Zapping in no time! 

Dropbox and Integromat:

The best part about automations is that it does the work for you - without any extra worj on your end. Integromat does just that, connecting to hundreds of apps or any API to automate and optimize workflows without any need for coding. You can set up integrations that watch for new files coming into Dropbox, and then upload them or notify you in another platform. Or, on the flipside, you can use it to watch for data in one app and automatically create a file in Dropbox.
Integromat gives you the ability to connect as many steps and apps as you need in one integration flow, extending what you can do with any one app or native integration. 


Here are just a few of the Dropbox app integrations you can create using Integromat:
  • Watch for new media and upload it to Dropbox
  • Create invoices from new orders on your e-commerce site, and upload to Dropbox
  • Upload new e-signed documents to Dropbox
You might have heard me mention spending time sharpening an axe, rather than spending forever chopping with a blunt one. Automation integrations seem the same to me - spend a few minutes up front to save time after that and overall make your life easier! When your files are in Dropbox, why not make the apps and integrations do the rest of the work for you?
What automations do you use? 
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