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Re: The Photos page is changing... for the worse

The Photos page is changing...

Darren S.1
Collaborator | Level 10
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I've just seen the banner that says "The Photos page is changing on 30 June 2017 but your pictures will stay safe in your Dropbox account. Learn more". The gist is that they are removing the final remants of the Carousel functionality - which makes me wonder what the point was in purchasing it in the first place:

"After that date, you’ll no longer be able to create or share albums on the web, or browse photos in the current timeline view. However, all your photos will remain safe in your Dropbox account."

Even funnier, it says:

"Creating a better photos experience

We’re continuing to work on new photos and file experiences on As we learn more about how our users prefer to work with photos, we’ll launch improvements to the experience."

With these changes there will be no photos experience that is any different to normal files. If they remove camera uploads, that would be the last straw for me and I'll be moving to a different service.

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Anthony A.25
Helpful | Level 6
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I recently moved all of my personal and business accounts from Dropbox to Amazon Cloud Drive. It’s less expensive and Amazon Photos is pretty good. I’m happy to be fully migrated away from Dropbox at this point.

Helpful | Level 6
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Dropbox is no longer a place to store your photos and videos. For someone like me who has kids, and 50,000+ photos of them between myself and my wife (not an exageratino), moving all that to another service is daunting. The other options have their pros and cons; Google is free but they violate your privacy and use your photos to enhance their own product offering, iCloud is great but you're locked into Apple's eco system and you have to download and reupload every photo! For me, that took weeks and Comcast charged me for blowing my data cap. 

Alternatively, you can try something like - no privacy violation, no using your data to enhance a product, no being locked into an ecosystem, and you can just migrate your DropBox stuff over the cloud. And they have sleek mobile apps for iOS and Andriod. 

M S.1
Collaborator | Level 9
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Planetjunu..... you mean the old photowrangler?  That one service you keep jabbering on about?  Just changed names huh.


Just....  Stop.....


You obviously have some sort of stake in this company and to mask as just some rando at this point is disengenuous.  




Version history (don't see any)? 

$10 month for 250GB?

$50 a month for 500GB?  Does anyone else think this is way too expensive?  This is not the top tier plan either which is $300 A MONTH WITH OVERAGE CHARGES STILL APPLICABLE!

WTF is a bandwidth overage charge (and is it really Gb or GB)?  Could your internet go too fast for the service and get a speeding ticket?  Will too many people click a link to your site and crash it?


As a family man, who needs all my own 50,000 videos and photos of my kids, I will not pay $300 a month for 1TB. 


Unless this is being used for your business and it's a tax writeoff I can't see how $3600, annually, is going to fix my experience.  In fact it may become so poor my whole family will suffer. 


This product is for a select group of individuals and not some average "Dad" who just needs to save his family's videos and photos in the cloud and wants to share them.



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