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Re: Fix the sync icons- this issue is NOT solved

Syncing icons on the files in the Dropbox folder have changed

Helpful | Level 6

The Finder Extension Icons indicating whether a file or folder is Online Only or Available Offline are showing up in my Finder, however, the statuses are incorrect. For instance a folder that contains files that are both Online Only files and Available Offline files is showing a cloud icon, when it should be showing a white circle with a green checkmark and green outline. I think the Finder Extension is confused. Is there a way to reset the Finder Extension so the icons show correctly without changing the Online Only or Available Offline settings that I have for my files/folders? I do not want to change the statuses of my files/folders, I just want the icons to indicate the statuses correctly. Thank you.
Mac 10.14.6
Dropbox 152.4.4880

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Helpful | Level 6

Holy sh**, they did it again 😂  Your link no longer opens another thread where you can vote for a change, but opens this thread which is wrongfully flagged as solved.


Link in question @rusdom 


"Since this thread won't seem to let votes be cast any more, I created a new idea post, if anyone would like to up vote the idea and try to keep it front of mind for Dropbox."

Helpful | Level 5

This is NOT an acceptable solution.

Please return the functionality of the synching icons to what they were previously.

Cloud = ALL contents of folder on the cloud.

Green check white circle = mix of cloud and local items

White check green circle = Local items.


What you have done is wreaking havoc with our production

Please change it back!

Helpful | Level 6

I'm still surprised how poorly handled this whole mess is

Helpful | Level 5

If a folder shows a cloud, ALL contents of that folder should be Online Only. It makes absolutely no sense to indicate a folder with 10 local items and 1 cloud item as all being on the cloud. That top level folder needs to show the contents of that folder as being mixed, NOT all on-line only.


Please change the icons back to previous:

Cloud = ALL contents of the folder are Online Only

Green check white circle = Contents of folder is a mix of online and local files

White check green circle= contents of folder (or single file) is local only


Dropbox Staff

Hi @TerenceC@Mantas212@rusdom@arigoldfilms@leandrosilva@William F.5@jackprest@ppadmin@Joseph R.15@michael tan


Thank you for sharing your feedback.


Our Product and Design teams are continuing to work on this experience and your feedback is very important to us.


Our team is going to reach out to you via the email associated with your community profile so we can further investigate the impact on your workflow.


Thank you!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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cindy t.3
Collaborator | Level 9

@Jay - A little late. I've canceled and moved on. It's pretty clear that Dropbox isn't where I want to be.

Collaborator | Level 10
I had a 45 minute consultation with a dropbox researcher today. I have no idea if this researcher has the ability to wake the company up and stop the exodus (and the very loud noise I will make on social media and at film companies if I leave Dropbox). But she seemed sympathetic once I was able to screen share and navigate her through my workflow and show her why Dropbox was such a disaster now.

It’s still kind of crazy that they would do something so asinine and not address it publicly for over three months now.

Collaborator | Level 10
I suggest you read through the whole forum. Everyone here, as well as all of the people working at our companies, are tired of explaining to dropbox how the company torched our workflows.

Collaborator | Level 10

Dear @Jay,


Just read @TerenceC previous post and you and your Dropbox colleagues will know what's going on. 


Honestely, it doesn't make sense to play around with all the users for the last three months as if we still don't understand the "impact on our workflow".

If everyone in the staff department wants to ignore this situation and pretend that they don't understand what is the issue simply because they don't have the courage to recognize that they made a huge mistake with the newest smart sync workflow.

I believe Dropbox already made us waste too much time in the last few months not wanting to solve the situation.

Too many "brilhant" minds behind this "improvement" that a big number of users aren't able to understand or accept it.



Collaborator | Level 8

Like several on this thread, support has been in direct contact with me on this issue. So I'll give a +1 for reaching out and listening to feedback. The latest is an offer to revert the icons back (+1). However "we will still need to eventually transition to new sync icons sometime in 2023 to adhere to requirements being set by Windows and macOS" (-1).


There still has been no explanation as to why this icon change was made (-1). DropBox appears to be saying that Microsoft and Apple made them do it but that doesn't make any sense to me. What, specifically, are these so called requirements being set by Windows and macOS? And even if there are some sort of requirements that require a change, the DB dev team needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better solution that makes sense and doesn't destroy the original sync icon scheme.

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