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iOS 11 uploading duplicates

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iOS 11 uploading duplicates

After uograding to iOS11 all photos are being uploaded again. Since Dropbox uploads and stores duplicates ‘by (lack of proper) design’ this is a problem.
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Re: iOS 11 uploading duplicates

Hey @Thijxx


Thanks for posting your query on the Dropbox Community regarding this matter, let's look into that together! 


To better determine the case, could you check if the file sizes for the original and duplicate file match? Here’s how you can compare the sizes:


- In the Dropbox app, open the original image
- Tap the ellipsis button and select "more details..."
- Note the full file size in bytes


Are the filesizes in both pictures the same? 


Once you get back to me, I'd be glad to look into that with you


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Re: iOS 11 uploading duplicates

Thanks for your reply. I cant find the More Details in the iOS nor in the web app. I did find file size in both but they are rounded numbers so while they match, they may not 'exactly' match. 

I've emailed them via the iOS app and then locally compared them, it is the exact same file size.