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Re: Storage space

I paid for an upgrade, but my account is still not upgraded

Explorer | Level 4

I paid to upgrade my subscription but the account hasn’t been upgraded after taking the money. I tried to restore my purchase but just get an error code 409

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New member | Level 2

My account shows a storage base of 2 GB. It should be 2000 because on Jan. 2nd my credit card has been debited with the amount of EUR 119,88.

Dropbox Staff

Hi @Karl58, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Did you upgrade via the Dropbox site directly, or on the mobile app?


Also, can you please clarify if you have two Dropbox accounts linked to two different emails? If you have the transaction ID that is linked to your charges, you can also take a look here.


Keep me posted! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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