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Moving from C drive to D drive (two Dropbox folders) - anything to worry about?

Moving from C drive to D drive (two Dropbox folders) - anything to worry about?

Explorer | Level 3

Hi gang, 


So I've gotten myself into a mess - and hoping you can tell me if this process is going to create any big headaches or problems for me? 

What's the situation? 

I have a Dropbox folder on both my C: drive and on my D drive. The C: drive is syncing. The Ddrive is not.  This came about when support told me to uninstall and reinstall the Dropbox app.

Dropbox support told me I can use the Move functionality to move the C: drive folder to D:. But they won't answer my specific questions about conflicts. I'm worried about conflict problems (or getting duplicates on D:). 

Here are the move instructions in case anyone else is looking:

My question?

So how do I clean all this up:
- Get the new files that have been created recently - off the C: drive and into the D drive?
- Turn off the C: drive syncing
- Make sure everything is syncing to D
- Not lose any files in this process (especially the ones on D that didn't sync)
- Make sure the files are not downloading to D - just when I access/need them.

When I try to Move from C: to D:...

Dropbox says it's going to create a NEW folder - but I already have one there!



Any advice / warnings / suggestions? Do you think this will work? 

This is really frustrating because I am so fanatical about keeping my files where I can find them!

Thanks for your help! Julie

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @Jhood89, thanks for posting to the Dropbox Community today!


You'll actually want to follow these steps below, to resolve this issue:


  1. Uninstall Dropbox.
  2. Rename your existing Dropbox folder (the one in D) to "Dropbox (old)" or similar. 
  3. Reinstall Dropbox and select the location that you want for the Dropbox folder from the advanced settings during the installation. 
  4. When the installation is finished, Dropbox will immediately start to sync, so you'll need to pause syncing or exit Dropbox. 
  5. Move only the content of "Dropbox (old)" into the newly created Dropbox folder. When the move is complete, and not before, resume syncing or re-launch Dropbox.


Let me know how it goes!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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