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Cant get rid of external drive. What can I do?

Cant get rid of external drive. What can I do?

JP Rosa
Explorer | Level 3

My drop box is empty and I was getting constant request to upgrade / no space. I think I worked out that this was caused by an external drive that I certainly never asked DB to back up, but, whatever. So I find this drive but I simply cant get rid of it. 

As I try to simple delete it, it sends me to backup settings, it sends me to the DB installation page for whatever reason. 

so I click " I don't have access" and it tells me to sign out of the device.

Of course, there is no such device under my listed devices, so I figured I should unlink my primary desktop and sign back in. 

-Now I cant sign back in; it does not recognize the security codes sent to my email 😤


1. I never opted or asked for any drive back up service; don't want it. I just need the desktop folder

2. How do I simply delete this external drive? Its 8GB, I cant get rid of it.

3. I can get rid of dropbox though: Stop screwing up the APP with **bleep** no one asked for. kust give me a list of features to opt in or out, dont just push them in.








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JP Rosa
Explorer | Level 3

oh and PS 

when it sends me to backup settings, I clearly have nothing set up, yet the folder remains there, making sure I look for better cloud backup solutions.



JP Rosa
Explorer | Level 3

lets try again, since my previous post was ignored, and this is obviously a bug. 

This tutorial does not match anything on the app menus and I cant see the external drive anywhere 

How to delete Dropbox Backup - Dropbox Help



where are these menus? not on app, not on preferences. in manage backups, I have nothing set up.


see? no external drive.


I see it here: 


but I cant delete it here because it sends me to backup settings 


backup settings send me to the app, where there is no drive, in fact nothing is set up 



so Im going around in circles and this is obviously not working very well. 


Any ideas? 

JP Rosa
Explorer | Level 3

Found the drive and deleted it in dropbox/backup/all / Thanks to the twitter folks.


The consoles, portals and all else do not point to this specific folder, where one can ACTUALY delete a backup.

Please update your guides, this should have been simple.


Dropbox Staff

Hi @JP Rosa, happy Monday! 


Glad to see everything is back on track for you. If you need anything else, we'll be one post away.



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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