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Dropbox Plus downgraded to Basic

Dropbox Plus downgraded to Basic

New member | Level 2

Hi there

After cancelling Teams, my Dropbox Plus plan was downgraded to Basic (even though I used an alternate account on Teams), without any notification about cancelling my subscription whatsoever. Is there any easy solution how to get my subscription back? Or do I need to get a new plan, resubmit my payment info etc?


Update: So I figured the subscription plan somehow switched from my work account (used to have the DB Plus 2 TB space) to my personal account (Basic), which was linked to Teams. I have no idea why this happened, did anyone have a similar issue?

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Dropbox Staff

Hey @iva_b, thanks for posting to the Dropbox Community.


When you initially went through the process of joining the Dropbox Business team, you were asked if you'd like to transfer your files to the team, or keep them separate.


If you chose to keep them separate, you would have been prompted to create a new Dropbox account for your existing files.


So, if you chose that, the files went to the newly created Dropbox account, or in your case, your existing free Dropbox account, if that's the email address you indicated.


You also should have gotten a prorated refund for the Plus account, since that's the account you joined the Business team with.


I hope this clarifies things, but let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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