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How to earn more space on a free account

Community Manager

If you have a Dropbox Basic (free) account and would like to earn more space, there are a few things you can do!


Along with earning space through referrals and completing the Getting Started guide, you can now earn free space by contributing to our Dropbox Community forum!


How does it work?

When helping out fellow members of the community, your answers may receive likes or be accepted as solutions by people who posted the question or Dropbox moderators. 


When your answers get a lot of likes or are marked as solutions, our team will be able to more easily spot them.


If a Dropboxer really like your response to a question, you may be rewarded with a 'Mighty Answer' badge. When you earn this badge, you'll get 1GB of additional space in your Dropbox account!


What are you waiting for? Get started now!





The selection of 'Mighty Answers' are at Dropbox's discretion and we reserve the right to grant, not grant or revoke them, in our sole discretion.

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Hi anonymous,

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For more info on available support options, see this article.

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How to earn more space on a free account
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