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Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

Got an idea for Dropbox? We want to hear it. Our team will review the top voted ideas, so share them here!

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A Dedicated Photos App

A Dedicated Photos App

Explorer | Level 3

Google Photo just annonced that thier free service is now gone. There is now room for a new player and since Dropbox is already one of the top used storages services for photos this would be an amazing fit. What I'm suggesting is a stand alone Photo app that gives users the posibility to brows view their Dropbox photos in one place. A few suggestions of features are:

* Automatic face recognition and categorization

* Search (places, objects, etc.)

* Map with all photos

* "Remember this day in photos" 


Personally I don't think it needs editing features to start with, but maybe down the line!

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Dropbox Staff
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New member | Level 2

It would be wonderful if Dropbox can create an app for Photos. Just like Google Photos. And it is high time for it since Google will be stopping free storage for Photos somewhere mid 2021.


As a Dropbox user I did not mind using Google Photos since it was free, however paying for another cloud service when I already have Dropbox is kind of pointless in my opinion. I am pretty sure it is not just me :grimacing:


I am fully aware that Dropbox has a feature to back up the camera roll. Yet the Dropbox is not the best experience when it comes to viewing my photos. It does not have to be a fully featured app like Google Photos, but an easy gallery style web app followed by a mobile app that can be used as the gallery would be a great addition to Dropbox apps.

Super User II

It's unlikely this will ever happen, again. Dropbox used to have an app specifically for photos called Carousel. It was discontinued years ago.

New member | Level 2

I agree completely. I currently use Google Photos because it is free, but now that the free storage is going away, I'm looking for alternatives.


I would happily sign up for a paid Dropbox plan if there were a basic photo viewer. Something that makes it easy to view photos by date and location, nothing overly fancy. Google Photos would remain my daily app, but I would periodically dump all my photos into Dropbox for long term storage and delete them from Google Photos. I would just need for their to be a basic viewer so I can quickly find specific photos years later (which means sorting/filtering by date and location).


The difference between the current photos implementation and what I'd like is that I don't want ALL photos in Dropbox to be part of this photos app. Just like Google Photos does not show me every image I have in Google Drive, I would want Dropbox Photos to only show me photos that were taken on my phone or specifically added to the folder where camera uploads are stored. I believe this is currently possible through albums and using the Camera Uploads folder, but it isn't nearly polished enough to be a standalone photo viewer. This lack of separation of photos is one of the major reasons I never used Carousel when it was available.


Extra features like object detection, basic editing features, etc would be nice, but absolutely not necessary to motivate me to upgrade to a paid plan.

Explorer | Level 3

I made the mistake of putting all my photos on Dropbox as my photo cloud storage so the family and I can view them for decades to come. I keep everything on Dropbox as I dont use a computer.  But now I am regretting it as their are no  features to make viewing and searching the photos easy. 

Im tempted to embark on the mission of moving my thousands of photos to Google photos but would much prefer to leave them in Dropbox (especially seen im on terrible internet). Would be brilliant if they could add the functionality you have suggested!

Explorer | Level 3

Yes! Face recognition in photos would be a major thing to keep me with dropbox! Maybe next year I'll move over to another cheaper storage if things are not improved in photo dropbox.

Helpful | Level 5

We used to have Carousel, and it was the best app. I dare to say much better than Google Photos. Unfortunatelly Dropbox dropped it and now is focused on implementing Businesses features that nobody uses.

Keith S.32
Helpful | Level 5

On my mobile device, specifically, I would be happy with the current app for photos if it allowed much better viewing and organizing options, such as those noted by others. It should at least include basic features, such as full-resolution views, folder-specific view settings (thumbnail views for folders with photos), adjustable thumbnail sizes, searching, and so on. 


Critically, I cannot even view images at full resolution in the mobile Dropbox app, making some unusable. That means I have to open each image, one by one, in a separate app. How useless is that? Is it too much to ask for an interface to my files that allows me to simply scroll through images? 


This was not a problem before Dropbox hid its offline files from 3rd-party apps, a horrible decision. Until recently, I set most images to allow offline viewing, which let me open them in Simple Gallery (by Simple Mobile Tools), an efficient and reasonably featured app with a minimal interface. The current Dropbox interface is comparatively terrible and boarders on the unusable. 


Why not allow 3rd-party apps access files from Dropbox? This is, after all, how it works on PCs and Macs. On my Windows machine, although my images and photos sit inside a Dropbox folder I certainly do not use Dropbox to manage or edit them. Why not allow a similar approach on mobile devices? Why can't users access our files with any software we want, just like we can on a PC or Mac? Why have developers intentionally created an interface so badly hobbled that it is nearly useless for images?


As an 11-year Dropbox user, this is the first time I've been quite so disappointed in the service. 

Chris S.14
Helpful | Level 6

I have all this space to store my photos on Dropbox, but there's no way currently to do anything with them, except view them as thumbnails.


Is Dropbox planning on implementing any more photo features?  Facial recognition, "on this day", or searching by context?  With Google Photos changing their pricing structure it seems like now would be a good time for that!

I know there was Carousel or whatever a while ago which disappeared.  I would to use the photo storage more!

Thomas P.12
Helpful | Level 5

Hi, my family uploads pictures to dropbox from around 10 mobile devices in the thousands each week, some of them involuntarily (pocket pictures). So there is a need to delete thousands as well.
Let's say, you want to keep 1 from a series of 15 of a motive, then 2 from the next motive (of which 8 have been shot) and so on. 
So I would very much appreciate the ease google photos provides by letting clients (owners/administrators) select, deselect inverse select etc marked photos and erase them all at once.

Explorer | Level 3

OMG if Dropbox photo had a map feature, I would be so pumped

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