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Create files (text and markdown) in Dropbox via web interface

Create files (text and markdown) in Dropbox via web interface

Helpful | Level 6

Why Dropbox web interface allows only to create folders?

Most of other cloud storages allow to create simple files (text, link, markdown) via web browser, and some alsow allow to create office files via MS Office online, Libreoffice or Onlyoffice instances.

Please make ability to create at least simple files (text, links, markdown) via web browser in Dropbox website directly, without using desktop client.

Helpful | Level 6

At now Office 365 Online allow to create and edit documents directly in Dropbox storage.


But why Dropbox web interface don't provide same feature - open office file for editing via Office 365 Online directly from Dropbox website? This is not too hard to implement, but will be very usefulf for users.

Collaborator | Level 8

On occasion, I desire to simply create and edit a basic text (.txt) file. I don't require any complex formatting, I'm just trying to save an unformatted note, in file form. 

This can be done on my iPhone or IPad Dropbox app - happy days. However, to my bewilderment, such a fundamental task can't be completed on On the browser, I can't write a text (.txt) file. There is functionality to write in the 'overview' section, and also create and write word online or google sheets - but alas, not the humble .txt file. Though polietely opens and displays .txt splendidly, it seems to have left out the ability to oversee their genesis.

Dropbox, could you please no discard the basics, such as writing text files on It causes a woebegone weariness in us humble dropbox users.

Explorer | Level 3

Great job ifind here iam satisfied to follow any

Good Luck 



This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2
Presently i can create audio note document, but i would appreciate to be able to create simple text note document, when i cannot speak to take an audio note.
New member | Level 2

I must have text creation functionality in my cloud storage program.

I consequently will have to leave Dropbox & find another program - they generally all provide this option.

New member | Level 2

It so strange that this basic functionality does not exist.

Any file ending should be possible to be opened with a plain text editor. Why you dont give this?





New member | Level 2

I've tried to vote for this but it seems that my vote is never submitted.

To me, this is a basic feature that I'm shocked to find unavailable.
I believe the effort to implement this will be relatively minimal - but it will enable a lot of useful integrations (todo.txt, applications that read md files etc.).


Thank you for your idea, while we can’t take every idea forward we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes!


PS: At the moment, you can create new Paper docs and Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on our website.

Status changed to: Not for right now
Explorer | Level 4

Let's aggregate the votes from all the times this has been suggested. It'll take a while to dig them out, but for a start, here's this 7-page request from 2015 with 114 votes: 

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11 votes received Status: Not for right now