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Calculations in Paper tables please

Calculations in Paper tables please

Super User

Please please please give us the ability to do simple calculations in Paper tables.

Then we can stop using google docs spreadsheets.

Latest Update
Dropbox Staff

This idea has been closed as it has reached the end of the Share an Idea process.


Thank you for your suggestion, and if you have another idea to share, please do!

Status changed to: Closed
New member | Level 2

I agree with this. I would love to be able to use Paper to keep track of expenses and use it as budget tracker (inserting images or links to receipt images) but that option isn't there. Paper would have been great for the short term budgeting I needed. Thus, being able to use calculations similar to Excel with linked cells and possibly lookups would be great.

As it is now, I will probably just use Excel to do by expense tracking.

Community Manager

Thanks for your idea, we've passed this on to the Paper team to review. 

Status changed to: Investigating
Khalid O.
Helpful | Level 6

Waiting for this feature for years now, hope it makes progress soon.

Really, for most use cases all I want is a way to make the last row the sum/avg/count row. Sort of like you can now make the top row a header row, have the ability to transform the bottom row into a few of the common table functions.

That keeps it simple, more complex calcuations are probably better done in a spreadsheet anyways.

Explorer | Level 4

Hi Walter / Dropbox,

Is this available yet? I have been using the tables up a storm (left google drive behind for this) and really need the calculations.

Thanks in advance

Explorer | Level 4

Safe to assume this feature isn't coming any time soon?

Super User

Hey @glennthomas thanks to so many votes, it is now 'under review', which is really good news, and I for one am hopeful. 

Explorer | Level 3



I would love to see some kind of advanced tables in Dropbox paper. With the option to have some excel like features. We do lot of project estimations in Paper and we love to use it. Sometimes it would be nice if there would be an Excel like feature to add basic matematical functions to tables like calculating. I would love to avoid Excel 🙂


Another feature that would be helpful:

When it comes to the Timeline function (which is amazing) it would be great to see the title of bar sticky on the left side, so if the viewport changes and the begining of the bar is hidden, the title is still visible.


I love the dark mode of paper and it would be awesome, if the theme could be modified. A dark grey or black would look much nicer with most of the layouts our documents have. 


Thank you guys, you are doing awesome work!


Ooops, just understood that there's a dedicated Paper channel. Feel free to move it.

New member | Level 2

It's been 4 years now. Is dropbox keep investing in paper or it's just something to onboard more people temporarily.


Paper is great but mobile supports is behind. Cannot even add rows and columns in mobile.


I would like to see paper to replace - GDocs, AppleNotes, Evernote, and also storage - GDrive, iCloudDrive, Photos etc.

Storage and photos are covered. But docs - only solution is paper and it's lagging by miles.


Help me onboard to dropbox. Make paper better and support all features like Quip. Support on all platforms in same way.


It's great product but need some lot of love.

Elle B.
Helpful | Level 6

Not to be a naysayer, as I would love some type of support on this front, but I do want to mention that I do really value the current Markdown extension support, and it would be very unfortunate to lose, for either importing or exporting docs.

Helpful | Level 6

Game changer 

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