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Exclude temp files from sync by pattern/extension

Exclude temp files from sync by pattern/extension

Helpful | Level 6

Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk 3ds Max create a temp file when saving a file, located alongside the actual file being written until the save is completed.

On large files, that take a while to save, the dropbox client starts to sync these files which has caused the following issues for us:


3ds Max

If a user perfoms two saves in quick sucession and dropbox is syncing, 3ds max throws a "file is possibly corrupt error" as the temp file is locked by dropbox. We now cannot save to open a new file until dropbox has caught up.



We have experienced the app crashing and the PSD file being removed from local dropbox during a large file save. Whilst we can restore the deleted file on, these are likely to be be out of date as the file was only just worked on locally.  This means we lose work, which is not acceptable on a Dropbox Business Advanced plan.


Please can you add the ability to exclude files from sync by pattern/extension, even if only for paid plans.

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Thanks @ollyradford , as a heavy photoshop user in my personal life I've also experianced the client trying to sync my scratch files. 


I'll take this feedback to the sync team. Many thanks!

Status changed to: Investigating
Helpful | Level 7

As professional Developer we have the same issues.

We however do want to have our code in Dropbox, but on projects we see 50,000 files created just to start a process right next to the code for web we also have modules that download to enable builds. We do not want any of this synced, but we do need it on the local machine along with our code to get work done.

So we are stuck, as the dev community can't use Dropbox without jumping through hoops.

References to simlilar requests/comments:


Jeremy P.8
Helpful | Level 5

This is a nice feature in mac's icloud syncing where .tmp and some other patterns are not synced.  I'm surpised dropbox is behind on this, although icloud is way behind on other issues and overall still inferior to dropbox

Helpful | Level 5

I'll add that this issue also plagues Unity as the editor creates and deletes a Temp/ folder that cannot be excluded by name using selective sync or cmd line as the deletion removes the Dropbox exception.


Ignore by pattern would also cover this usecase.


For reference:

Helpful | Level 6

An option of filtering file types by extensions or simply selecting the files you don't want to sync would be very useful.

New member | Level 2

I would appreciate being able to set file extensions that my team cannot upload. This would allow me to choose any type of temporary file or continuously active file without Dropbox having to code for each different type on their side.

Helpful | Level 6

I work with audio and video, the projects are organized in folders with all their elements. While I'm working, temporary files are being created that I delete at the end. I would like to have the option to select the folder (not just a file) of the project in which I work and pause its automatic synchronization, so that I can resume it once I finish working on that project.
This would avoid potential sync errors and ease the sync load.



Explorer | Level 4

Still no response from Dropbox?


I have apps that download files in chunks/parts as temporary files with the extension ".part".  I don't need or want for these files to be sync'd, only the final file that gets created when the downloaded chunks are finished and the final file is assembled from the downloaded chunks, and the chunks deleted


I would have thought that having the ability to exclude certain file types would be very basic functionality -- especially for temporary files -- and not all that difficult to implement.


This is an absolute WASTE of SPACE and BANDWIDTH.

Stephan Cassel
Explorer | Level 4

Please Dropbox, implement exclude filter / pattern.


Most good sync / backup systems have it. I am surprised that Dropbox has not implemented this wish from its customers as it has been on the wish list for many years.


Thanks in advanced

Collaborator | Level 8

I use a google drive folder and want to exclude .tmp.driveupload from Dropbox.



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