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Comments: Allow a comment to be retained/visible, but marked as resolved

Explorer | Level 3


We often use comments as a way for multiple people to add to a coversation about whatever's highlighted on the page.


Comments fall into three general use cases:

  1. A comment that, once addressed, can be marked as "resolved" and hidden from the doc.
  2. A comment that hasn't been addressed (is "unresolved") and that should stay visible on the doc.
  3. A comment that, once adressed, we want to keep around for historical context and visibility, but we want to make it clear that that comment is "resolved" in the sense that we don't expect any other action on it.


Can there be a third state for comments to meet the needs of the third use case above? Ideally, I'd like to be able to see at a glance, for all comments on the page, whether the comment is resolved or not, and I want to separately decide whether I want to hide a resolved comment. (Maybe there is a use case for hiding an unresolved comment, but that's not my specific suggestion.) Decoupling "resolved" and "hidden" would be greatly appreciated!

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Helpful | Level 6

This would be really useful!


Currently a comment box just has the option "Resolve", which resolves and hides it, would be ace it was two options: "Resolve" | "Hide". 


Resolving should change the color or fade it a bit, "Hide" hides.


Ideally there should still be a way to see hidden comments easily.

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