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Add search by metadata (keywords) option

Add search by metadata (keywords) option

Helpful | Level 6

All photographers and media creators embed keywords and other IPTC metadata to their files so it is easily searchable through Adobe Lightroom, Adobe bridge and many other file management programs. It would be a huge asset to be able to search my dropbox photo files for file images marked with specific keywords. It would also help one of my client archives that I manage immensely to search their asset in this fashion.


Thank you


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Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

I added Meta Data tags to my files on my Mac computer. When you upload them to dropbox, those tags aren't searchable any more. Please add that feature. Also, Facebook, Amazon Photos and iPhones have the technology to recognize faces. Dropbox is really behind if they aren't offering that feature. 

New member | Level 2

Agreed - Searching on faces or IPTC Metadata is a great feature

Helpful | Level 5

It is a must.

New member | Level 2

A search by comment content or any additional field would be great!

I use it as photo database and cannot search the photos by their content in any way.
for example, would be fine if I would search by the content of the comment I left at each photo (with details about it).

Cedric Boismain
New member | Level 2

Implement search through metadata keywords before Adobe Lightroom CC does and we all switch to their platform.

Claudio N.1
Helpful | Level 5

This would be awesome

Explorer | Level 4

This is the most valuable feature for me right now.

I just moved 13.000 from Libris Photoshelter to dropbox because of the cost difference.

But not having the add/search IPTC metadata  feature makes my move temporary until I find the ideal photographs hosting platform.


By adding this feature will make Dropbox the ultimate photo storage platform.

Nacho Gomez
New member | Level 2

Absolutely agree, please Dropbox add this feature. If not we will have to look for other cloud storage. I don't like it but we will have too.

New member | Level 2

This would be a game changer. Please make this happen, Dropbox! 

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