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Can we get the ability to watermark multiple files in one go?

Can we get the ability to watermark multiple files in one go?

Helpful | Level 5

Ability to watermark multiple photos at the same time would be a lifesaver for photographers. Check out SmugMug’s go to on this. Please incorporate same thing.


Hi @Milkoways19; how are you today?


This idea is going to need a bit more support before we can share your suggestion with the team so I've updated the status here to encourage more users to back you up by giving your post a like (upvote). 


See you around the Community and take care! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Rafa Tonial
New member | Level 2

I would like to suggest a mass watermarking future to the developing team, would 

save so much time!!

Explorer | Level 3

Yeah, adding my vote. I have seen a dozen threads requesting this on the community forums. Business don't have a problem watermarking files, plenty of software does this. They have a problem remembering to do it. Dropbox has an opportunity to solve that problem and reap the benefits. 


What would be infinitely more useful would be if we could set a folder to apply a watermark to any files inside of it. Changing the parent folder's watermark would make the change to all files and subfolders in the folder. 

New member | Level 2

adding my vote too!

several people want this on the community forums, it would be so useful!!!:,includeIdeas,includeFo...

New member | Level 2

Hi, I have noticed that there have been a number of posts requesting that watermarking multiple files be made available over the years rather than just single files. I too request that it be looked at as i have just signed up to Dropbox professional  for that feature and stupidly didn't check to see that multiple files was available.  

New member | Level 2
You guys seriously need to level your watermarking stuff up. Add an option where your users can place watermarks on multiple files at once. Jesus Christ I have hundreds of files and I simply can't go 1 by 1 by 1 to place watermarks on them. It's highly inefficient and counter productive! And as far as I know Dropbox is about productivity, so you need to level this thing up!
New member | Level 2

I use Dropbox not only to deliver final images, but to show multiple lo-res images beforehand for selection purposes.  Sometimes hundreds of images in the form of a "library", I like to allow clients to download them for ease of selecting and for future reference.  Since I don't want images used that might not be "ready for Prime Time", or published without permission, they need to be watermarked.  The Dropbox watermark feature works fine for one image at a time (great that one can remove it, too), but it would be a huge time saver if images could be batch watermarked.  An additional feature with batch watermarking would be to enable editing of individual watermarks within a batch; sometimes a repositioning is needed for clarity.  While I have someone's ear, having the ability to add a custom watermark would also be brilliant. 


New member | Level 2
Seriously Dropbox!? In 2021 I have to Watermark 600 photos individually to send to a client. Please add a freaking feature that allows us to watermark MULTIPLE PHOTOS AT A TIME LIKE HOW STUPID IS THIS TO NOT THINK OF!?!
Explorer | Level 4

It would make very much sense to be able to add watermarks to more than 1 image at a time, currently the watermark feature is 100% not useable for photographers that are in need of batch watermarking photos to send to a client

New member | Level 2

Still no multiple file watermark? Would save hours of work

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