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Client for Raspberry Pi

Level 1

I would really like to see a client for the Raspberry Pi, or any ARM based client that supports the live syncing that dropbox does so well.

Aaron K.6
Level 4


I'm with you. This request was made a LONG time ago. We're not the only ones.

In the meantime, you can use Bittorrent Sync. There is an ARM version for that.


Aaron Kulbe

Carsten S.8
Level 1


is it possible to get a native client for Raspian on a raspberry pi ?

Robert S.
Level 11


Jeffrey H.8 Level 2
Level 2

Can anyone provide any information on when (not if) there will a native ARM version of Dropbox for the Raspberry Pi. I'm surprised not to see more calls for this port. In addition to using Subversion for all of my source code control, I also also develop my source code within Dropbox directories. An ARM port of the Dropbox client would be a welcome addition to a device that many students use when learning coding.

As I continue to train my Son, I always tell him "keep everything in Dropbox! Including your source code".

Robert S.
Level 11

Sorry, Dropbox rarely reveal any hints about their product roadmap or future plans, so there's no information to provide.

Jason P.10
Level 1

I'm kind-of shocked they haven't released a dropboxd ARM binary yet.  I mean, they are already targeting Linux, how hard can it be for them to recompile?

Roberto A.10
Level 1

Shame on you, Dropbox, i pay for the dropbox service, and i need a raspberry full client.

Please write it.

Graham L.4
Level 1

Dropbox for Raspberry Pi please!

Jaka H. Level 2
Level 2

Same here, would love a native Rpi client!

Kim S.13
Level 1

Can we please get a client for ARM/Raspberry Pi,