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Can we have more folder options to add to Computer Backup?

Can we have more folder options to add to Computer Backup?

New member | Level 2

Right now, the automated backup option in Dropbox allows me to sync my Documents, Desktop and Downloads folders. By far the biggest - and most important - folder on my computer is the Music folder though. I can imagine for other people it's Pictures. Could we have a way to automatically backup those folders too?

To be really ambitious: would we be able to clone our computer on Dropbox? I used to have an Apple Time Machine that allowed you to do just that. If your computer broke down or was stolen, you could buy a new one, let it download the clone, including not just your documents but your applications and presets too, and you'd be good to go!

Please let Dropbox be the new Time Machine.

Explorer | Level 3

Great! I'm looking for a way to add any folder you want to the backup/sync. I would use it to sync my "fonts" folder between my Mac's so they are always up to date!

Helpful | Level 5

Currently included with the Computer Backup functionality are the following folders:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads

Please also include the default locations for Computer Backup during setup and in [Manage backup]:

  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Video

Some folks may wish to have all "Libraries" as a selectable option, beyond the defaults.


Thanks for the consideration!


Oh interesting! I can pass this feedback on to my collegue who deal with this.

Creating a full OS backup creates some issues, for example we sync any file that changes - with system files they often update everytime the computer runs, so we need to ensure we are not in a constantly syncing state - but one step before a full disk backup is an interesting area.

There's real value in ensuring that all your important personal files (music folders etc) are included in the syncing, and that's certainly the goal.


Many thanks for highlighting this.

New member | Level 2

After removing the ability to follow/respect symlinks while syncing, I'd hoped that the “Back Up Folders” feature would be a serviceable replacement… but, alas — it's restricted to only a few, select folders.


Could we get support for backing up arbitrary folders such as e.g., Music or Pictures?


Hi @RogerW37; thanks for the idea!


Even though it kinda echoes this idea, I wanted to let you know that this is going to need some additional support before we can share your suggestion with the team.


For that reason, I just went ahead and updated the status here so other users can back you up!


See you around the Community and thanks for using Dropbox! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

You can use the dropbox app and include these folder in the app and store you files there and it will stay backed up in dropbox.

Alex Attia
Explorer | Level 4


I have a question about the "Back up" on Dropbox.

The feature allows you to backup Desktop, Documents, and Downloads, however, I want to choose a specific folder under the documents folder.

For instance, My documents have a lot of folders, one of them contains software with hundreds of Gigabytes, on the other hand, I have a folder with my school work that I would like to backup.


How can I choose one folder under documents to be back-up?

2020-07-21 06_28_48-.jpg

Thank you,

Alex Attia

Helpful | Level 5

Please provide an option to sync arbitrary folders on our computer. Even if it's a limited number of base folders, heck, even if it's just three (or, perhaps, eight, sixteen?), that would be fine. Limiting this feature to three specific pathnames on a specific hard drive as is the case for the new backup feature severely limits its usability.

Helpful | Level 6

Dear Drobox-Team,

now you introduced the possibility of backups. I have a speacial wish for all the apple / mac useres it would be great to use drobox as a timemachine backup disk.



Explorer | Level 4

Add an option to backup external hard drives (besides the Desktop, Documents and Doenload folders) using the new Dropbox Backup.

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