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Need more than 1TB storage on a Personal account

Need more than 1TB storage on a Personal account

New member | Level 2

Dropbox business, o dont need a package for 3 users, can i have more space in dropbox without a business account?

Super User II

No, you can't. 1TB is the limit. There used to be 2TB and 5TB options long ago (likely from the 200GB and 500GB accounts being upgraded when 100GB went to 1TB), but they were discontinued.

There are several threads discussing this in the feature requests area. I would suggest you find one that's appropriate for your needs and add your reply to it.

Jason F.9
Helpful | Level 6

What a joke, the only alternative your loyal customers have is to upgrade to a BUSINESS plan and pay for 2 users they may not need?


Dropbox, you should be embarassed. Fix this now, and allow your loyal users to purchase more space.


Hey @Jason F.9

I’ve moved your post to this thread, as the subject matter is similar.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about this with us. I have sent your comments to our team so they’re aware. 

Explorer | Level 3

Frustrating.  Want more than 1TB.  Would pay - but don't want to pay Business prices for 3 users, when I only need one.  Looking at alternative services. 

Explorer | Level 3

I agree. I just had a very long discussion with chat support where I desperately asked how I could increase my space, being a sole proprietor working in the media industry my dropbox fills up quickly. The only advice I was given was: 

- Get a second plus account - Out of the question, I use the desktop app extensively and need access to all my files at all times with selective syncing..

- Buy business accounts - Why would I overpay for 2 more accounts I will never use  to get more space?!


Dropbox, get your stuff together this is ridiculous...

New member | Level 2

There are a lot of professionals out there (like myself), who are a fully functioning businesses - like a much larger company - but do not have any team-members / employees.


Those of us do need the option of going beyond the current 1 TB dropbox limit. We'd be more than happy to pay for it.





Andre B.6
Explorer | Level 4

Even though not currently the best alternative out there...try Amazon's been working for me.  And they have been making considerable improvements in a short amoutn of time.  About to transfer multiple family dropbox accounts over to Amazon Drive.  With a 1 TB limit, I'm forced to archive files on an external hard drive I'd rather not do and don't have to do with Amazon Drive.  

Explorer | Level 3

Keep maxing out my 1TB and have to do a regular file management. Reached to support and I actually was just recomend to split the monthly fee increase to a Business plan with a friend as my only option... lazy and not really helpful. 


Looking for alternatives now after nearly ten years 😞 

Explorer | Level 4

This is completely ridiculous...
I actually considered switching to Google Drive, but their Backup & Sync application is incredibly clunky.

In the end, I really may end up trying to find two more people that would like to split the cost and get a business account.

Explorer | Level 3

Agree with all the comments here.


I'm paying £7.99/month for 1TB, and am very happy with the service.  I now need more than 1TB.  I'd be happy to pay double for double the storage, but I'm not paying for a 3-user business account I don't need.


Dropbox, you need to get your stuff together.  With digital media ever on the rise, you're going to continue to lose business if you can't adapt to your customers needs.

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