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Account Access with no access to email

Account Access with no access to email

New member | Level 2

I have my DB account linked to cell phone through app. and email address.  I am logged in over cell phone.

However I would like to log in over computer which requires email and password.  

When I enter password and email, an additional authentication is sent to email address that I do not have access to.


I do not have access to email address.  

I would like to open DB on computer but need email address & password.  I do not have access to email. 


Is there a way to change my address within the app that I am logged into?  If for some reason I get logged out over phone, then I will not have access to account.


Is there a work around of any sort

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Super User

Is it a 2FA code? If so, please utilize the recovery codes you received during the setup process.

If it is not a 2FA code and is simply a confirmation code sent by Dropbox to verify your identity, maybe there is no workaround for this situation. Without access to a device already logged in or the associated email, the account is essentially inaccessible.


As per my information, changing your email address directly through the Dropbox mobile app is not supported. I hope I am mistaken.


Additionally, if what I've stated is accurate and others agree, it might be prudent to consider copying your Dropbox files from your phone to prevent accidental file loss if you sign out.

Dropbox Staff

Hey @n1csmyjoy! Hope you’re doing well, and sorry for jumping in. 


Changing your Dropbox email address via the mobile app is indeed not possible, like @maher1982 said. 


Since you’re still logged in to your Dropbox account via the mobile app, I’d like you to check its notifications, as the one-time code should also be sent there.


If you still can’t see it, feel free to log a ticket with our support team directly this way.


Send me your ticket number here afterwards.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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